After a short period of incarceration, Jodi was faced with the task of finding employment. Jodi had not applied for a job in some time. She had few of the skills and tools one needs for a successful job hunt, including a resume. But Jodi was determined to move on from living in survival mode, just trying to make it day-to-day, and to be in a better place in her life.

Jodi was referred by her probation officer to the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) in Oklahoma, a SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) service provider. CEO provides individuals exiting incarceration with comprehensive support, (including immediate paid employment), skills training (including job-readiness training), and ongoing career support (including job coaching, placement and retention).

Through her participation in CEO’s program, Jodi built a resume, practiced interview skills, and gained computer proficiency. She also connected with Dress for Success, which provided her with an outfit so she could look her best for interviews.

Within just one month of beginning the program, Jodi landed a job as Account Representative with a local business. Now Jodi makes $12 per hour with many incentives and perks, including monetary rewards for reading, exercising, and meeting sales goals. But her favorite part of the job isn’t the money. As Jodi puts it: “I love talking to people all day long. Even if it’s to hear them tell me ‘no,’ that’s okay.”

Jodi’s position gives her room to grow and keep moving up in the company. Jodi is grateful for the opportunity to reach her potential and achieve her goals, which include advancing to the role of Major Account Representative and buying a home and a car.   

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