Partnering with the Workforce System to Launch E&T Third-Party Partnerships

Michigan’s SNAP to Skills work is rooted in a long-term vision to expand job-driven services to all SNAP participants through partnerships with third-party providers. The State’s SNAP E&T program (known as Food Assistance Employment & Training, or FAE&T), is administered jointly by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Michigan Talent Investment Agency/Workforce Development Agency (TIA/WDA). The MDHHS directs funds to the WDA, which then contracts with 11 of the local Michigan Works! Agencies (MWAs). The MWAs, in turn, provide FAE&T services or contract with local community-based organizations and educational institutions to provide these services. Historically, FAE&T services were supported exclusively by 100 percent funds.

The State has made significant progress towards expanding the FAE&T program and developing new third-party partnerships supported by SNAP E&T 50-50 funds via the FAE&T Plus program. The State has focused on two targeted areas – The City of Detroit, with the expansion from two Plus providers in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 to 12 Plus providers as of FY 2019; and West Michigan growing to seven Plus providers. As Michigan continues to refine the program, they have modified their Management Information System (MIS) to provide reports that support the reimbursement process. Future plans for the State include a project with MIS aimed at promoting secure dual enrollment with multiple providers, bringing on additional third-party partners and expanding the FAE&T Plus program with two additional MWAs for FY 2019.