The Road to Engagement: A Toolkit for SNAP E&T Programs offers State SNAP agencies and their partners a systematic approach – along with accompanying examples and worksheets – for employing human-centered design and behavioral science to identify and generate solutions to problems that may be limiting engagement and participation in SNAP E&T programs. 

As an organizing feature, the Toolkit describes four key junctures, or problem areas, identified by MDRC/SJI in their work with States participating in the SNAP to Skills project, where lack of engagement is common within SNAP E&T delivery systems.  These problem areas include:

  • First contact (getting individuals interested in E&T during their first point contact with the SNAP agency);
  • Service matching (assessing individuals and referring them to appropriate E&T services/providers);
  • Handoffs throughout the process (navigating handoffs from one agency or organization to another);
  • Reverse referrals (helping individuals who first interact with E&T through a provider to work through the SNAP agency to verify SNAP and/or E&T eligibility).  

The toolkit is available here.