The SNAP E&T Operations Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing, Implementing, and Growing a SNAP E&T Program is a “soup to nuts” guide for States and other stakeholders on how to build a SNAP E&T program using third-party partners to deliver services. It outlines a “Plan, Implement, Grow” framework that States can use to thoughtfully plan their SNAP E&T program growth.

The Handbook includes details on how to accomplish key program development steps, such as:

  • Organizing a Planning Group and Process
  • Developing a SNAP E&T Implementation Plan
  • Building a System for Data Tracking, Reporting and Analysis
  • Securing Third-Party Partners
  • Building a System of Participant Referral
  • Building a System of Participant Eligibility Confirmation and Invoicing
  • Operationalizing Third-Party Partnerships
  • Planning for Growth
  • Factors for Growth

The Handbook is available here